Pelangsing | Diet Tea | Slimming Tea

Pelangsing | Slimming Tea | Diet Tea

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OBESITY can be avoided? Indeed!. Perform low-calorie DIET and exercise regularly. In addition, consume SLIMMING herbs to lose weight naturally.

SLIMMING Herbs – 100% NATURAL, HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT, without chemicals, safe for long term use.

JavaSlim Capsule & JavaSlim Tea is effective to reduce your excess weight naturally. See the result in three months! Direct impact: tighten flabby bellies within 1-3 days !

This natural slimming herbs is effective to reduce body fat especially bad cholesterol, tighten loose muscle, flatten stomach, and helps your body look slim and slender.

JavaSlim Tea, is made from high quality green tea  combined with other natural herbs, gives the best flavor. Drinking one cup of JavaSlim Tea especially after meals is good to minimize fat absorption from food intake.

Pregnant woman and diarrhoea sufferers should not consume this product

Reduce intake of fatty food & beverages, exercise regularly and eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.



Murrayae Folium
25 %
Graptophylluym pictum
500 mg
Guazumae Folium
25 %
Alyxia stellata
50 mg
Curcumae domesticae Rhizoma
20 %
Curcumae domestica rhizoma
150 mg
20 %
Foenicus fructus
150 mg
Rhei Radix
10 %
Granati pericarpium
10 mg
In Extract form. Thea folium
1040 mg
(in extract form)

JavaSlim Capsule : Bottle contain 60 capsules @ 550 mg – POM TR 063 355 451
JavaSlim Tea: Box contain 25 tea bag @2gr – POM TR 063 258 331

Produced by:
Global Bioscience

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